About Us

"Ideas, colors, and
shapes come together
in Sugarz jewelry."


In the morning, when I stand in front of the wardrobe, I pick which accessories to wear. I base my outfit on that, not the other way around!

Back in 2003, I started designing and making jewelry.

I was looking for bijoux of good quality, colorful, original,
fun and powerful. First just for friends, that was a success; that’s how my own label Sugarz jewelry was born. My jewelry
was sold at the Bijenkorf in the Netherlands and also in shops in the U.K., Belgium, and France.


Inspiration to create can be found everywhere: in a book, on the streets, in good food, in music. I love ideas, atmospheres, colors, and shapes.
I use all these elements when I design jewelry. Sugarz jewelry is still handmade in Amsterdam, the best city in the world!

The name Sugarz is a combination of my names, Suzanne Gabrielle. But, of course, it also stands for: sweet!
That first bite that you take from a beautiful pastry. Or a delicious ice cream, when it’s warm. That you think: HMMM!
Oh yeah! Enjoyment. That’s what I want, for you to feel that, with jewelry. When unpacking it. And when wearing it.
That you’re allowed to be seen. That you celebrate life!

Sugarz jewelry by Suzanne Hof

About us
About us